Does attorney experience really make a difference in the outcomes of tax controversies?

In most cases, yes.  According to Tax Professors Leandra Lederman and Stephen W. Mazza, in their treatise Tax Controversies: Practice and Procedure (3rd Ed.):

“One study of a sample of tax court cases found that the presence of an attorney for the taxpayer decreased the government’s recovery rate by 17.9 percentage points on average. . . Moreover, the taxpayer’s results improved with the years of experience of the attorney. . . [E]ach additional year of attorney experience decreases the IRS’s recovery ratio by approximately 9/10 of a percentage point, and this is statistically significant [citing Leandra Lederman & Warren B. Hrung, Do Attorneys Do Their Clients Justice? An Empirical Study of Lawyers’ Effects on Tax Court Litigation Outcomes, 41 Wake Forest L. Rev. 1235, 1255 (2006)].”

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